Hello! :wave:

Dennis Irorere here, a data and geo geek with solid understanding of data pipelines, data management, data research best practices, I’m also an open source evangelist, a community mentor keen to change-makers. :satisfied:

Not only am I a thinker, but also a doer and I flourish in multidisciplinary team:smile:


As a vibrant, creative, and ambitious young man. I believe that, when access to knowledge is democratized, we see meaningfully social development, because it takes a brilliant mind from a disadvantaged background to create transformational solutions that solve problems within his or her domain of life experience.

I also believe that as any organization, looking to have their impact felt across the world. They can’t help everyone, so it’s imperative to invest the time and resources in a selected few that is interested in going back to their communities and spread the love. Hence, building on-ramps so that people from diverse backgrounds can learn, build their knowledge and contribute back to the community:wink:.

Smart Goals

By January 2021, I would have made significant contribution to digital literacy, data science and open data. Through capacity building, high impact community outreach, forging alliance with government, local tech hub, NGO and mentorship of youngsters to become key influencer in their domain of interest.


Instill digitial literacy, data science and computational ecosystem in underrepresented communities.


To develop a vibrant community of data driven minds across Africa, mobilized towards solving the region’s most pressing problems.


  1. Bridge the knowledge gap of STEM, through capacity building of data driven skills across underepresented communities.
  2. Working closely with private, public, non-profit partners to drive data driven and sustainable learning impact across underrepresented communities.
  3. Implementation and deployment of real world projects.
  4. Self development in different programming languages, critical thinking, project management, domain knowledge and public speaking.

In the end, I want to be able to build tools (computational and cognitive) that make data science easier, faster, and more fun.